Archery Tag® is the incredible new action-packed game that brings the beautiful and ancient sport of archery into the 21st century.

Using modern recurve bows and patented safety tipped arrows, players fire at each other across the battle arena whilst seeking refuge and reloading behind inflatable bunkers. The adrenaline fuelled game requires tactical judgement, awesome teamwork and of course a good shot to hit both the enemy and their target!

Sessions include a short safety briefing followed by a demonstration and training to make sure you’re confident with your bow before heading into battle in the arena. There are various versions of Archery Tag® to be played finishing up with some other games including Shoot the Runner, Capture the Flag and Battle Bridge!

There is something very special and unique about going head on into battle against your friends or colleagues and we guarantee you will LOVE Archery Tag® whatever your age!

Contact us now for more information on our party bookings, group sessions, regular meet ups or if you’d like us to attend an event!

Grab your bow and go forth into battle against your friends or colleagues in full on Archery combat!”

Archery Tag® is the incredible new action-packed game for both adults and children providing pure adrenaline fuelled fun in a safe environment.”

Archery as you’ve never seen it before!”

Arrow Games is based in Worthing and offers Archery Tag® sessions across all of Sussex and beyond. Whether you’re looking for an epic kids birthday idea, a stag or hen party activity or a company team building day, Arrow Games can help.


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